Production of various metal productsSpecializing in the production of various types and specifications of the resistant material industry, protective shells, stainless steel shells, agricultural hubs, food machinery, medical, marine and other metal products

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Changshu Renyang Lianghong Stainless Steel Craft Factory was founded in 1995, the company mainly produces various types and specifications of protective shells, stainless steel shells and other metal products for the resistant material industry. Into the new century, in order to better adapt to market demand and the company's own development, to meet the growing needs of customers. Over the years, the company's industrial structure has been continuously upgraded to achieve leap-forward development. Through the continuous absorption of technical expertise in the field of metal products, and the continuous development of novel and high-end ancillary products, the company has expanded from a single production of resistant material industry product transformation to food machinery, medical, marine, mold manufacturing and other fields.


  • 1995


    Processing of Drawn Parts

  • 30


    Qualification & Honor

  • 200


    Annual Production

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    Covering an area of 20,000 +

  • Stainless steel drawn parts

    Stainless steel products

    Stainless steel drawn parts

    ——Stainless steel tension member is a common connecting part, which is widely used in many mechanical equipments. MoreStainless steel drawn parts
  • Stamping

    Stainless Steel Stamping Parts


    ——Stainless steel stamping is one of the common parts in the manufacturing industry, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance MoreStamping
  • Tensile products

    Tension member

    Tensile products

    ——Common problems with tensioned parts that require attention include choosing the right materials, specifications and connections MoreTensile products
  • Sheet metal parts processing

    Sheet metal parts

    Sheet metal parts processing

    ——Sheet metal parts are a kind of common metal processing parts, which are widely used in automobile, electronics MoreSheet metal parts processing
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